My Heart Is At the Hotel Monaco

The Hotel Monaco in Chicago is officially my favorite hotel. I am usually loyal to a different hotel chain but today, I am rethinking my loyalty.

Let’s start with the staff. At check-in there was a mix-up and my reservation had been cancelled. The problem was 100% my fault but the hotel graciously fixed it and got me into a room ASAP. The woman at reception was shockingly pleasant throughout the experience.

One day during my trip, it was raining. Silly me, I forgot to pack an umbrella. Viola: the bellman immediately handed me an umbrella.

At check-out, I had to mail two packages back to my office. The bellman went and got the FedEx shipping forms, helped fill them out and then shipped my packages as promised. They arrived at my office the next day. This may sound silly. I assure you, I have waited up to a week for other hotels to return meeting materials to me.

The rooms were modern and spacious. The upolstry was clean and the furniture was clean. As in so clean, I was not grossed out putting my feet on the carpet. The beds were ridiculously comfortable. The bedding was also good quality and had not been over washed. If you don’t travel much, this may sound trite. But, overwashing linens makes them tough and the fabric becomes abrasive. Even the towels were a good quality: clean and soft. It was very clear the Hotel Monaco spends money maintaining linens and furniture so the rooms always look great.

Another wonderful surprise about the hotel: they offer free coffee and tea each morning. In the evening, they offer wine in the lobby.

South Water Kitchen also doubles as the hotels restaurant. I ate the restaurant and found its great reputation was well deserved. The room service was also fantastic. The kitchen even called to make sure the meal was to my liking.

All these things made a welcome difference in my stay. This doesn’t surprise me because I often tell clients ‘it’s the little things’ that create loyalty.

The next time I am in Chicago, you will find me at the Hotel Monaco. Now, if only I can find time to hit the Mag Mile for some shopping…

Author: Judi Kennedy

Wanderlust. A professional aunt, fitness enthusiast, dog owner and avid reader the rest of the time.

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