More Phoenix foodie adventures. My second night in town, my boss left and my clients had other obligations. Initially i planned on ordering room service and getting a jump start on contact reports and meeting recaps.

Then my clients did something really sweet. They put together a list of good restaurants, appropriate for a party of one and within walking distance from my hotel. I was really touched. After that gesture i would have felt like a jerk sitting in the hotel.

Enter Pizzeria Bianco. It was less than ten minutes from my hotel and gorgeous. It’s a tiny, one room restaurant with wood burning oven that takes up at least 1/4 of the place.

I sat at the bar, mixed in with a group of people who were clearly regulars. They didn’t welcome me with open arms but they also didn’t stare at me for eating by myself.

Since Pizzeria Bianco is known for pizza, and i love pizza, i took the plunge. This is the Sonny Boy, a personal favorite of the bartender. It was delicious with the right combination of sauce and cheese. The Sonny Boy is incredibly salty but that’s why i picked it.

Maybe this wasn’t the best pizza ever, but it was pretty damn good. And that’s why i’ll be going back the next time i am in Phoenix.

Author: Judi Kennedy

Wanderlust. A professional aunt, fitness enthusiast, dog owner and avid reader the rest of the time.

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