Post Script: Oh The Places You’ll Go.

Last week, i ranted shared my 2013 vacation* woes. At the time i was concerned that even the “final” plans might blow up in smoke and another year would pass without a vacation. Spain seemed to be sticking with my S.O. and so yesterday i went ahead booked everything. Even though i printed my confirmation information and checked the reservations three times, I’m still waiting for some shoe to drop: work? a dog-sitter? another financial collapse? 

When did taking time off become so stressful?

I don’t have as many points as other frequent travelers, but i’m relatively impressed with my work so far. Two airlines tickets to Madrid, on points. My only compliant here is that when you read the small print, you still get hit with fuel surcharges and taxes. This is complete and total BS. But, even after forking over $1,000 it was still the best flight option i found for the time we wanted to travel.

I also booked nearly two weeks of hotel stays at various Hilton Hotels in Spain. A lot of friends don’t care for the chain, but i’ve rarely had a problem. I had amassed north of 220,000 points and with changes to their frequent travel program looming, decided it was time to cash them in.

All this was made possible by travel Hilton Points and American Express rewards points. However, i’m having a major payment dispute with them and think its time to cancel my card. If you have a rewards credit card that you love, please let me know! It cannot be American Express (for obvious reasons) and needs to be easy to move points to hotel and airline accounts.

And so now you have it! My American Express grudge and vacation 2013 confirmation. All in one post.

*I know complaints in my first “Oh The Places You’ll Go” post are first world problems and let me acknowledge, i am fortunate to be in a place where i have them. i have never taken my job or finances for granted, especially in the current environment.

Author: Judi Kennedy

Wanderlust. A professional aunt, fitness enthusiast, dog owner and avid reader the rest of the time.

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