Training for the Trek

It’s been a little over a month since i officially signed up for the Trek Across Maine. The weather is still pretty cold, even by DC standards, so a lot of my training has been done at the gym, spinning. I’ve graduated to 2.5 hours of straight spinning on Saturday mornings. Talk about a workout. This morning i decided weather be damned, it was time get some outside training in.

After a warm up loop through DuPont Circle, i came back to the Logan Circle area with the goal of getting up the hill on 13th Street twice. It’s not much of hill in a car. I wasn’t sure what it would be like on a bike. Turns out it is hard in cold weather and riding against the wind. While my lungs burned, i made it twice. And on my second pass a construction worker gave me the high-five. I think i could have done it three times which makes me feel pretty good about my training thus far.

As for fundraising, i’ve raised a little over $300 dollars in the past month just asking friends to support my Trek. I feel like family is off-limits since my Dad always asks them to support his ride. A few people have committed to help but haven’t “pulled the trigger” just yet. I understand money is tough, i just hope they were sincere when they said they would contribute. I wouldn’t be offended if people can’t or don’t. I would be upset if someone said they would and then didn’t. Maybe that’s just me.

I’ve had two challenges to date. The first is trying to decide what type of gear i really need versus what people just want to sell you. Since i’m not 100% sure this will evolve to a lifetime hobby i have been pretty frugal to date with gear and equipment. I hate spending money on things that i won’t be used much. One thing that is a HUGE necessity, even if ugly beyond belief, are cycling shorts. What a difference those make. After this mornings ride, i think a pair of proper long-legged cycling pants are in order. Not sure yet so stay tuned.

The other is figuring out the best foods to power long training rides. I really, really wish i paid more attention in those high school nutrition classes. I am a picking eater with a lot of food texture issues. The foods i tend to eat –toast– don’t necessarily give me enough fuel for Saturday rides. So, i’m  having some adventures trying work more protein into my diet. Tofu smoothies with fruit have been a blessing. I’m also trying to cut out bread and go for more fruits or lean proteins. Mind you, i don’t eat dairy so this really is a work in progress with a lot of complete failures along the way.

I’m still interested in finding a riding buddy to expand my weekend training. My Dad gave me some suggestions so i’ll have to look into that.

And there you have it. My first stage of training. I’ll be sure to update everyone in a month.

Author: Judi Kennedy

Wanderlust. A professional aunt, fitness enthusiast, dog owner and avid reader the rest of the time.

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