Wine Stellenbosch Style

Thank you everyone for your patience with me. I haven’t been writing and posting as often as i would like to or should be. The past seven weeks were a blur but i’m pleased to share that i’m back, i’m aware of my sins and re-committed to my blog. I really want to share my Trek Across Maine adventures but first i need to tend to some unfinished business.

I organize my writing based on series. For example, i write a series of posts on a particular destination. The series can be short or long, it depends on how much i have or want to share. A while ago, i started a series on South Africa which to this day is one of my favorite trips. It’s important to me that i finish that series before getting to my cycling adventures. I really want to share how amazing this country is. And honestly, i’m a linear thinker. It would be really difficult for me to jump into cycling without finishing my SA series. I can’t explain why, just know my brain doesn’t work that way. So here we go… more on South Africa.

And since we are picking up with South Africa, what better way to pick up than with wine? I like to pretend i have a discerning palate but the truth is what i really have are a lot of food texture issues. I also lack a good sense of smell, thanks to a genetic flaw. Lucky for me, you don’t need to be a oenophile to enjoy the Stellenbosch area of South Africa. 


From Cape Town, you need to hire (aka rent) a car or make tour arrangements to get to Stellenbosch. In my case, i worked through the hotel; they used Cape Capers. I have no real compliants about this group. It’s possible i could have done better but really for a straightforward wine tour, it was great. The driver was low key, took us where we wanted to go and offered suggestions for shipping wine back to the states. That in and of itself was probably worth the trip. I rarely drive overseas because of all the horror stories you hear. If you are in a group or don’t have this psychological bias, then driving yourself might give you more flexibility.

There are numerous winery’s in the Stellenbosch and visiting them all would take a week, possibly longer. I decided to visit the winery’s that were exclusive to South Africa. We started with Neethlingshof Wine Estate.


The estate was gorgeous and the owners offered a wonderful tasting of seven different wines. Each was exclusive to South Africa, creating a unique experience. The wine was great but what i enjoyed the most were the views. The estate was well maintained and had stunning views of the countryside.

KMV winery is one of the “leading” wine and spirits producers in South Africa. I requested wineries exclusive to South Africa and technically KMV is but they are pretty well known by foreigners and as a result, they get more more tourist-traffic. The winery was enjoyable but i think we could have pushed our guide for more local, unique experiences like Neethlinshof. One thing KMV does have going for it, they make 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 year old brandies. If you happen to be a fan, then do put this on your itinerary. I actually purchased two bottles as gifts for family members.

If for some reason you don’t like wine, i would still recommend visiting Stellanbosch. It’s a beautiful part of the country filled with lots of scenery and places to stop and lunch or dinner. The area is a big contrast to Cape Town and from what i’m told places like Jo’berg and Sun City. If you’ve been to Stellanbosch and want to add your vineyard recommendations, please feel free.

Author: Judi Kennedy

Wanderlust. A professional aunt, fitness enthusiast, dog owner and avid reader the rest of the time.

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