Happy Birthday, Grandpa

Yesterday, my Grandfather turned 96. 96!!!!!!!!! The more i think about it, the more amazed i am.

Me and my Grandfather, circa 1976
Me and my Grandfather, circa 1976

As i get closer to a new decade in my own life (i’m not completely prepared to blog about it), i realize how blessed i am to still have my Grandfather in my life. And he’s not just alive. He’s full of life. Sharp as a whip, he actively follows the news and sports, loves a good political discussion, swims a mile 3x/week, is on Facebook (even tried Twitter), and reads on a Nook. I mean, the man is just awesome.

I could never appropriately pay tribute to my Grandfather and how wonderful he is. It’s only after moving to DC and spending more time with him as adult that i’ve come to understand how truly fortunate i am. Bonding with him as child was special, but bonding with my grandfather as an adult has been even more meaningful.

My Grandfather today.
My Grandfather today.

I’ve debated listing 96 reasons why he’s amazing or writing just a few of the life lessons he’s taught me. When i put pen to paper, the words were coming but it didn’t do him justice. And, gushing about family is not really what my blog is about. I decided to the most appropriate thing was to just simply share this little blessing.

Author: Judi Kennedy

Wanderlust. A professional aunt, fitness enthusiast, dog owner and avid reader the rest of the time.

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