A Good Travel Resource

We all have a go-to person when in need of advice. I might be an anomaly, but i go to several people, depending on what advice i need. My friend Tina is one of the most fashion forward people i know and never steers me wrong when i’m having a moment of fashion indecision. My best friend Julie is always there when i need to talk about work problems, or family frustration. And she’s also the first to tell me when i’m out of line and need to just get over something.

There are many others, except when it comes to travel advice. Then i don’t have a “go-to” person. For one thing, i tend to travel more than most people i know. (Scary considering i don’t travel HALF as much as i’d like to.) I do put things out on social media or personally ask people to share where they’ve been, what they liked, didn’t like, etc. Once i hear from several people, i look for similar interests and start building my recommendations into my own plans.

What i want is a list of great resources. Yeah, of course there is kayak, trip advisor, etc. While these are great tools, i consider them “buyer beware” resources, since not all reviewers disclose when they have some hidden incentive or “skin in the game.”

That’s why I’m sharing my latest discovery in my quest for new resources for travelers like myself. Nomadic Matt published, 17 Easy Steps for Planning Your Next Trip. If you are a reader and travel frequently, a lot of this will be intuitive. But for others, this will be an eye opener.

What i liked are the resources and links. There are a number of links for inexpensive airfare, accommodations and trip insurance. Not sure about other people, but some of these were new to me and i’ve already book marked the airfare resources.

To be clear, i have not fully researched all of these links yet, but i have used Nomadic Matt’s recently. In fact, I checked his site for walking tour recommendations as I know both of us are big proponents of this. His recommendations were great – in fact I booked a walking for Madrid and Barcelona based on his suggestions.

If you have travel advice and resources, please feel free to share them. Let’s come up with a list of reliable sites that benefit both the armchair traveler and seasoned nomad.

Author: Judi Kennedy

Wanderlust. A professional aunt, fitness enthusiast, dog owner and avid reader the rest of the time.

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