Real Alcazar

The walled gardens of the Real Alcazar are one of the single most gorgeous attractions we visited during our trip through Spain including Madrid, Seville and Barcelona. The Alcázar is also a place that epitomizes Seville’s seamless blend of different cultures and religions.

The architecture is a harmonious combination of Islamic, Jewish and Catholic influences into one magical place. It belongs in a Dan Brown novel, and was actually featured in the movie Kingdom of Heaven.

Pedro I began construction on the Palace in the 1300’s. In two years regional craftsman of different faiths created a series of halls and patios that are visually stunning.

In terms of attractions in Seville, it’s probably one of the most heavily trafficked, but it is not to be missed. If possible, purchase the tickets online to avoid a long line. Or, if you’re in line, pay attention to the tour guides who are always looking for additional participants to complete their group tours. The cost is the same, but the advantage is hearing about the history of the Alcazar. And there are centuries of history to hear about, and hundreds of twists and turns among the garden paths filled with exotic flowers and fauna.

But the fact is that the Palace is so stunning, it’s best seen visually, not by reading about my impressions of perfection. Instead, here’s a small gallery of my favorite images of the Palace.

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Author: Judi Kennedy

Wanderlust. A professional aunt, fitness enthusiast, dog owner and avid reader the rest of the time.

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