What Else Is In Pottsville?

After driving three hours up to Pottsville, it seemed a waste only to go to a nice lunch, and see one brewery. TripAdvisor claims there are nine attractions. If restaurants/bars are attractions, then that’s five attractions right there. Aside from the main attraction, Yuengling, that leaves Jerry’s Classic Cars & Collectibles Museum, Sovereign Majestic Theater, and Hope Hill Lavender Farm. As fate would have it, Hope Hill looked promising; was closed for the season. That left us with Jerry’s. None of us were big car enthusiasts, but when in Rome….

Stamps on my Passport

Maybe because we had no expectations, we all found this retro museum to be very entertaining. There is neither a “friendly but knowledgeable” tour guide, nor anyone overusing marketing tag lines. Nope. You walk in and Jerry is waiting to warmly greet you and offer a quick, informal overview of his museum. From there, it’s wall-to-wall memorabilia (mostly from the 50’s and 60’s) that surround his pride and joy collection of classic cars.

Classic cars anyone?
Classic cars anyone?

And hands down, the main attraction of the museum is absolutely the classic car collection housed on the first floor. There is a beautifully restored Triumph and Cadillac just to name a few. The second floor has lots of nostalgia, both from diners and just general household stuff, for lack of a better description. The second floor is stuffed with stuff everywhere you look, which makes it all the more fun.

More "old school" cars on display at Jerry's.
More “old school” cars on display at Jerry’s.

It is somewhat “crowded” with things, as people have noted on TripAdvisor. But, it’s all done as a tribute to what someone felt was an amazing and special time in American history. Frankly, it was probably a better time for Pottsville, and the entire museum is gorgeous burst of color in a very grey and somewhat dull area.

If you “came of age” in the 50s/60s, you will love, love, love this place. I could see my Dad and several of his friends getting lost here for hours. (He reads EVERYTHING at museums and holds the “plaque reader” crown in the family, so this is no exaggeration.) If you are on the fence about visiting, read the TripAdvisor reviews. I found them to be very accurate, but if you took the time to drive to Pottsville, you should stop here. And then swing by Greystone Restaurant.

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