Rolling, rolling, rolling…

I don’t “do” New Year’s resolutions. They are inevitably broken and then you are left feeling like a failure. I believe this more than the average person, in part, because i have sat in countless marketing meetings and see data that proves my theory.

This year Greg Ng, a blogger and someone i also consider a friend, wrote a post about New Year’s goals. Not resolutions, goals. Now, this was something i could get behind! Goals are met to be achieved, when developed correctly they are more actionable than a resolution.

In his post, Greg challenged people to state goals for the year and offered to pick one person to touch base with every quarter. The touch base was an opportunity to talk about goals, measure progress and have fun. At the time, i needed some motivation to finally get my own blog going. Since i know Greg, it was a “safe” place to put some goals on paper and starting working on accountability. Side note: i didn’t win the prize and i am still a little bummed about that.

So where i am going with all of this? My own goals of course. I wrote three goals on Greg’s site and one was:

“Travel more. I love to travel and couldn’t do as much as i wanted to last year. This year i want to visit at least two new places (US or abroad) and have one adventure. I also want to take advantage of work travel and spend explore cities i’m visiting. This could be a side trip after client business is done or staying over for a weekend. Travel renews my spirit and will give me more things to blog about.”

With my goals in mind, i signed up for the Trek Across Maine. This is two and half day 180 mile bicycle trek (not race, thank you very much) across the state of Maine. Obviously, i didn’t think of this on my own. I’m just not that creative. My inspiration came from my Dad.

My father has done this trek for the past nine years. Every year since he started, he’s asked me and my brother to consider joining him as a Father’s Day gift or Christmas present. Every year we’ve hemmed and hawed and come up with reasons not to. Or just ignored the conversation altogether. This is my Dad’s 10th year doing the Trek and it occurred to me that basically, there’s no time like the present.

While i will be biking my tush off, i am taking vacation days and do have to travel to get to Maine (duh). So, i’m considering this what i hope will be one of several 2013 adventures. Since i’ll be camping each night, i think it’s a fair trade-off. I mean camping after biking roughly 70 miles a day? That’s an adventure.

It’s also a bit of an adventure because the trek is a fundraiser. I have 115 days to raise $500 for the American Lung Association. This will be a challenge for me because honestly, i suck at asking people for money. I’m going to have to pull up my boots on and stretch myself to get this done.

I will be sure to share training updates and report on my progress as i get ready for the Trek. And of course many photos and posts will come post-Trek. If you are interested in learning more or supporting me, you can visit my personal page. Sorry, i don’t have any photos that meet the size requirements but i will get some up there.

And so here i go… Rolling, rolling, rolling…