Avoiding more trouble…

The usual selection of Friday photos is on hold due to some trouble this little monkey cause.
This little monkey is looking extra cute while trying to avoid causing more trouble. She got too excited this week and damaged my external hard drive. As result, I have lost the ability to access my photography archives. Hopefully a meeting with the GeekSquad can resolve things and we’ll be back on track soon. Thanks for understanding. Photo taken at home, circa 2014.

Sagrada Familia Gallery

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Although still under construction, Sagrada Familia is a UNESCO world heritage site and rightly so. Here is a small sampling of images from this fabulous Cathedral in Barcelona. If you have been, please leave a comment with a link to your own photos and stories.

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Rock Climbing in Red Rocks

Rock Climbing in Red Rocks

The image is blurry but i still love the two women rock climbing. Part of me wants to raise my fist and yell “girl power!” Another part of stares in awe, i have such a fear of falling that i’m not sure i could ever do this. I also love the dry, desert rocks against with subtle colors of the two women’s climbing gear. Photo take in Red Rocks Canyon, NV circa 2014