The Real West Wing.

As a thank you for helping a friend, she offered to give me a private, after hours tour of the West Wing. This is where it shows that i’m an atypical Washingtonian. Most people covet this kind of invitation. It never occurred to me White House staffers could do this.

But when she offered, i couldn’t refuse, regardless of my distaste for all things political.

My only compliant is that you can’t take any pictures inside the West Wing or the Rose Garden. That was a huge bummer. I mean, i bet i could have taken at least 100 photos. On the other hand, it forced me to pay attention to the tour and listen to what she was telling me.

So, here’s what i remember (that i think would be interesting):

1. If you watched the West Wing, the tour is a lot cooler. But the general layout is eerily similar.

2. The Oval Office was redecorated recently and includes a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. When Presidents redecorate there are three things in the room they cannot touch: the mantle, the flags and if you want to know the third you have to write me back.

3. In the waiting area there is a painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware. It’s a replicate and there are 18 things wrong in the picture.

4. Every few days the White House staff rotates out pictures of the President and Vice President. They are ‘day in the life’ type pictures. One picture has been on the wall consistently: its a picture of a little boy touching the President’s hair. He the President if his hair felt like his. It’s a really cute picture.

The tour is quick but a lot of fun. It certainly gave me some much needed DC cred!