…Missing Stamps

Some people have life lists and some people bucket lists. I have a “Missing Stamps” list. This is my own personal list of place I really, really want to visit. If I won the lottery and disappeared, chances are I’m off visiting any one of these countries

In no particular order here are the countries (and cities, places or activities I want to do):

  • Visit Tanzania and climb Kilimanjaro. My stamps list rotates but it’s safe to say this one will be my #1 until i can blog: Mission Accomplished.
  • Morocco. Casablanca, Marrakech, the Atlas Mountains… the list is pretty long for this country.
  • Norway. Mr Os, of Norwegian descent, has a big birthday coming up and really wants to visit the “homeland.” I think it would be fantastic to see Oslo, the Arctic and hike Pulpit Rock.
  • Ecuador. It would be lovely to do some hiking but I really want to explore the Galapagos.
  • Return to India. This is my one exception to the “no repeat rule.” It has to be, i never got to see the Taj Mahal. I would love to also see Mumbai and attempt to improve my beginner level Vinyasa skills.
  • Go to Antarctica. Thanks to John Oliver, I’m having second thoughts about this one. And yet, I can’t quite dislodge it from my list.
  • Chile. Hiking, wine and of course, Easter Island
  • China. See the major cities AND walk the Great Wall. This is probably a retirement trip, sadly.

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