The Red Ring.

This is my red ring. Over the years it has become my signature piece. I wear it almost everyday and almost everyday i receive some type of compliment about it. This makes me happy. Like 12 year-old girl happy. It’s unique piece of jewelery that, i like to think, fits my unique personality.

The color of the ring varies based on what you clothes you are wearing. It’s comfortable and it’s a conversation starter. When you are an introvert, socially awkward shy this is HUGE. Inevitably people want to know: where did i get the ring? is it heavy? what is it made of? is it fragile?

The ring was purchased for me as a gift in Florence, Italy. Wandering around the streets one day my boyfriend and i came across a glass gift shop with crystal trinkets: La Bottega dei Cristalli.  Inside the store he asked me to try this ring on. I obliged but was not overly impressed. After much discussion, he decided the ring would be a gift to me so i would always remember our trip. I think his parting comment was something like ‘i hope you’ll change your mind and wear the ring once in a while.’

To make him feel better, i put the ring on that night. It has rarely come off my hand since then. Accept one time at work when i took it off to wash my hands. I was so busy, i did not realize i left it in the lady’s room until i got home. The next day, it was gone. I was devastated. It was my own fault, but i was still sad.

I contacted the property manager and offered a reward. I asked to go through the trash myself, convinced it would be there. Nothing. Our office manager searched high and low. I offered a reward to my co-workers. Nothing.

After a week, i realized i needed to ‘fess up about the loss to my boyfriend. In general, he has an amazing eye for details. And accessories but that’s probably already obvious. He already noticed the ring had been AWOL from my hand and found the business card for the store. Within a few days, i had emailed the shop and we were making arrangements for new rings to be sent. Yes, rings plural. I wasn’t taking anymore chances. I purchased two.

Recently, a woman approached me asking where i got the ring. I don’t normally tell people. It’s not that i don’t want to. It’s that most people don’t seem interested in doing the necessary work to contact someone in Florence, Italy. This woman was different. She had a genuine love for the ring and was clearly committed to finding it. It was clear she would love a similar ring the way i love this one.

That’s my story and i’m sticking to it. But, before you move on, allow me to share some lessons:

  1. Never take your rings off when you wash your hands. No matter how weird it feels or how many OCD tendencies it evokes.
  2. Always take a business card from your travels. They don’t take up much space and you just never know when you’ll want them
  3. It’s okay to share personal stories. To this day, i swear the reason i got the rings replaced was because i went into such detail with the shop owner about how beautiful the ring was and how much sentimental value it had.
  4. Trust your boyfriend. Especially when he has a great eye for detail and accessories.

I love statement pieces and the stories that come with them. If you found me, feel free to share your story here.