Misc. Musings Vol 2: On Processing & Regrouping

“Sometimes a blog in silence is the sign of a life being lived to the fullest. An update on what I’ve been up to.” -Carol Cain. I saw this quote Monday and fell madly in love. On Tuesday, I was able to actually read the post that followed it –Carol Cain: Family is Everything– and fell even more in love. Everyone should read this, or at least the first few paragraphs. Whatever your ‘everything’ is, be mindful to make time for it.

Right now I’m musing over…

I’m musing over completion (okay, I know technically you can’t muse over that, cut me some slack). In June, I had two major but unrelated events come to a close. I’ve been working for the past year on a project that culminated in writing 50,000 words of web copy. Like any client assignment the process was adventurous, arduous, fun, frightening, grueling and groovy. For all of those mixed emotions, it’s done and I am thrilled. It took the life out of me.

A week before this content was due, I found out I would need to appear in Washington DC’s Superior Court. No, I’m not in trouble. I had to give a statement about an incident that happened to me last summer.Turns out that getting up in front of an offender, telling a judge how an incident changed your life (and, for the record, they don’t mean for the better) is emotionally draining. And I mean that in every possible interpretation.

After all this, I found myself exhausted and needing to disengage from reality. This may shock you, but I don’t “put it all out there” they way other writers do. I’m also not a “fake-booker” (the practice of writing how great things are when they actually suck). This break was me processing, recharging and taking care of myself. Which, at its core is part of Carol’s message. I think that’s why her quote and story resonate so strongly with me.

Travel. I’m so happy to have shared initial impressions and excursions in Moshi, Tanzania. I had hoped to do some guest writing about my actual climb up Kilimanjaro but that fell through. So, in the coming weeks I’ll be share so much more about this African Experience. I’ve also been busy knocking stuff off my Summer Bucket list, creating adventures that are more locally based.

Auntie Adventures. Holy crap – My oldest niece is a GRADUATE! It feels so strange not to call her a kid, but this young woman is whip smart and heading off to University in the fall. I’m so proud of her.

Fitness & Lifestyle. No surprise, in “processing and regrouping” it’s been a struggle to stay active. The heat and humidity in Washington DC also make rigorous exercise tough with asthma. But, I’ve picked out my first century ride – The Seagull Century this fall. I’m super excited and ready to kick training into high-gear.

On my Bookshelf. Funny, when I need to process and regroup, I find myself reading less and watching more television. I used to be a huge fan of BBC America’s Orphan Black. Season three ended well but up until the last two episodes, I really feared it jumped the shark. Or they wrote themselves into a corner. I don’t think I’m the target audience but Grace & Frankie, on Netflix, is a great program. It’s a light-hearted, but really insightful, look at what happens when two men come out to their wives. I won’t spoil the plot in case you are interested. I’m also counting down the days to Sharknado 3. Yeah, I admit it. It’s so bad you can’t not watch it.

I’m still working on The Rosie Project as well as The Art of Fielding. The latter has been a slow start but the story is picking up steam.

What are you musing over?