Iceland, Naturally!

After a lot of debate (in my head mind you, because isn’t that the best kind), i finally settled on my next series of blog posts: Iceland, Naturally!

If you asked me 10 years ago if my travel plans included Iceland, the answer would have been no. But, a few years ago co-workers talked me into visiting this country after sharing their own adventures.

When they say “something for everyone” they mean it in Iceland. Outdoor activities, both leisure and adventure, are plentiful. The Blue Lagoon is perfect for people looking for a spa experience. The nightlife in Reykjavik is as crazy as you want it to be while the food is delicious, and again, as crazy as you want it to be.

Iceland's Blue Lagoon
Iceland’s famous geothermal spa, the Blue Lagoon

If you are considering a trip to Iceland, here are some helpful details.

Airfare. From the East Coast, Iceland is ridiculously easy to get to. Visit Icelandair to plan your flights. I’m sure there are other airlines that fly in and out of Iceland but truth be told, i didn’t bother to find out. Iceland Air had a good site, the prices were reasonable and they also offered combination packages as far as lodging and transportation from the airport into Reykjavik.

Lodging. There are numerous hotels in Reykjavik. The Hotel Reykjavik Centrum was recommended to me and i went with it. The location was better than i could have imagined. Located in downtown Reykjavik you can easily walk to the main attractions in the city. Our hotel package included a continental breakfast, with delicious coffee and a substantial breakfast offering. The rooms were clean, while perhaps a little small for most U.S. expectations. The staff was terrific offering suggestions of things to do that are both popular with tourists and their own personal favorite things. There is also a tourist office one block away that was incredibly helpful providing maps, arranging excursions, etc.

One of Iceland’s many waterfalls, Skogafoss.

Rental cars. I say skip it. If you stay at the Hotel Centrum, you can walk everywhere in Reykjavik. All of our excursions included bus transportation which was a great way to meet other tourists.

Spending money. This was our first country on a two country vacation. We spent roughly $800 on excursions (three of them), meals (lunch, dinner and drinks), tips, the spa and gifts for people. You can absolutely spend less than we did. However, when we go on vacation, we like to be not be worried about money. We’ll be frugal at home so we can enjoy our travel as much as possible. Do keep in mind, the exchange rate does not (unfortunately) favor the dollar. If possible, try to bring some extra cash or invest more time on the upfront looking for travel deals.

Views around Iceland
Views around Iceland

One caveat to this, my trip to Iceland happened before the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull. At this point, i would imagine the country and is back on track. I do still encourage you to reach out and confirm details, especially when it comes to suggested itineraries that i will share in future posts. Better safe than sorry! I do hope this won’t dissuade you from a visit.

And, full disclosure: these are my own opinions. I am not affiliated with any of the organizations or company’s listed. I love to travel and want to share my adventures with everyone.

More to follow on Iceland, Naturally!