What A Difference A Day Makes

In a recent post i shared some thoughts and images, about the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago. (Sidebar: As the owner of this blog, i took a liberty with the word ‘recent.’ It was not that recent. In my defense, I knew May would be hectic with work commitments but i underestimated just how hectic it would really be. As a result, my personal interests and passions, like training for my ride and this blog suffered. Sorry. Sadly, i’m human not Super Human. I am trying to get back on track and appreciate your understanding. End Sidebar) After my work in Chicago ended, i was off to Santa Barbara to attend another conference. I stayed at the Marriott Courtyard.

What a difference a day, and hotel chain makes. Here is what the Marriott Courtyard bathroom and furniture looked like. The facilities are clean, not full of grit or in need of a sand blast.

Marriott Courtyard

The furniture, while not new, is not full of cracks and otherwise on the brink of being kindling for a fire pit. Furniture

Even the staff was more accommodating: calling for cabs when i needed them and helping with a minor phone issue. And i being Southern California they had an outdoor fire pit!

Like most people, i love a great hotel with all the amenities. At the end of the day, i have a stronger appreciation for a hotel that gets the basics right. In this case, props to the Marriott Courtyard. I don’t stay at their properties often but this experience was great and i will keep their hotels in mind when i’m traveling for myself or making arrangements for clients.

After my previous rant, i felt compelled to share this experience. It really bothered me that people would think i’m a primadona  about where i stay. I guess we all have a streak of narcissism in us and now you know mine.