Sometimes The Rules Just Need to Be Broken

For those more cynical readers, prepare for an eye roll, but here’s the thing. Spring is probably my favorite time of the year, because it’s all about love and happiness, blossoming flowers and lush green grass. Spring is also synonymous with rebirth, especially cute bunnies, adorable ducklings and just baby animals in general. After the brutal winter we all just had, it was an especially happy time.

Which is why when I hit G by Mike Isabella to continue the self-appointed challenge to try every sandwich on Zagat’s “9 DC Sandwiches You Need to Try Right Now” I broke the only rule I made, which was trying every sandwich just it was written up by Zagat’s. You see, goat and particularly spiced baby goat, was just too..well. too much to stomach. So, technically this whole 9-DC sandwiches challenge has come to an end.

In the spirit of the challenge, and writing a blog post, it seemed silly NOT to get a sandwich. The sandwich part is really an overlay to get out and try new things. So with that in mind, I opted for the “fan favorite” falafel sandwich. This ridiculously large sandwich features falafel, sumac, hummus and pickled cabbage wrapped up tightly in a gyro. The result… to quote Mr Os, “you should not be a food critic.” I didn’t love it and am super thankful I have no real ambition of becoming a food critic. Because he’s right, I suck at expanding my food horizons. 

Stamps on my Passport
The “fan favorite” falafel sandwich at G by Mike Isabella

I give myself props for trying but unless someone beats me to the punch, I will openly admit that I’ve got food issues. My biggest one is texture. I literally cannot swallow certain textured food, like grilled eggplant or soggy eggs. After texture, my next big challenge is odor. If I happen to love a certain food and catch of whiff of something that smells “off,” forget it.

Since I was breaking (bending?) the rule, I figured I’d still try and expand my horizon a little bit. I knew the falafel and hummus were in my safe zone but the sumac and pickled cabbage were a stretch. Ok, a HUGE stretch. I used to work with someone who now handles Mr Isabella’s public relations. She swears the guy knows his stuff she certainly knows food. I don’t think she’s wrong, I think pickled cabbage is just not my thing.

The vibe at G was very laid back, more welcoming than SunDeVich. The walls were decorated with graffiti of vegetables which says to me they are focused on the food rather than trying to take themselves too seriously. It’s worth a visit and if you eat half the sandwich (which is really a whole sandwich) then you have dinner or lunch for the next day.

Masks on these veggies give G a “we don’t take ourselves too seriously” vibe.

As for the “challenge,” yeah, I will continue. I’m certainly not the best food critic but that’s not what I’m about. I’m about getting out, exploring new things and making every day an adventure. Sometimes the adventure looks like a sandwich and sometimes it looks like a new stamp in your passport.

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