Rock Climbing in Red Rocks

Rock Climbing in Red Rocks

The image is blurry but i still love the two women rock climbing. Part of me wants to raise my fist and yell “girl power!” Another part of stares in awe, i have such a fear of falling that i’m not sure i could ever do this. I also love the dry, desert rocks against with subtle colors of the two women’s climbing gear. Photo take in Red Rocks Canyon, NV circa 2014

Never give up

Never give up
On the surface, there is nothing spectacular or interesting about this image. Yet, it’s incredibly symbolic to me. While i was hiking the Inca Trial, there was a moment on the way up Dead Woman’s pass where i thought, ‘i can’t go any further.’ For some reason, i snapped a photo. After the trip, that pictures meaning skyrocketed. Whenever i felt like i couldn’t go any further, or i couldn’t do any more, i looked back at the image. On my recent ride, this was the moment, 8 miles from the finish, when i was ready to throttle my Dad and throw down my bike from exhaustion. And so one more time, i took a photo to be forever reminded to never give up. Photo taken outside of Belfast, ME circa June 2013.

The Sphinx of Giza

The Sphinx of Giza

In college i caught a friend snapping a picture of the back of the Venus de Milo. When i asked her why, she said “nobody every looks at the back of an artistic masterpiece.” She was right.

Since then, i have always photographed any angle i can of statues and works of art, and the Spinx of Giza was no different.